EDEN | ORGANIC 30+ Year Old Dehydrated Sourdough Starter
EDEN | ORGANIC 30+ Year Old Dehydrated Sourdough Starter
30+ year old dehydrated sourdough starter

EDEN | ORGANIC 30+ Year Old Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

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Meet "Eden," our starter that turned my sourdough journey around and will do the same for you. I know the frustration of failed starters all too well; I've been there. But when I inherited this robust, 30+ year old starter, my sourdough game transformed overnight. 

What's she's fed with:

We want to give you the highest quality starter on the market, so Eden is fed with Central Milling Organic Artisan Bakers Plus Bread Flour and Kangen K8 ionized water that helps the nutrients absorb better and produces a very STRONG starter. 

What's Inside:

  1. A portion of "Eden," our time-tested, dehydrated sourdough starter that's ready to bring your baking to new heights.
  2. Two double-sided 5X7 cards featuring:
    • Step-by-step Re-hydration Instructions to effortlessly revive Eden in your kitchen.
    • My Personal Recipe and Method, that has been fine-tuned to help you bake the perfect loaf every time.
    • My story, along with a coupon code for my online course, "Mastering the Art of Sourdough."

The Story Behind "Eden":

This starter has a rich Alaskan lineage, originating in the late '80s. Named in loving memory of our little girl whom we miscarried in 2022, Eden, this starter is more than just yeast and flour—it's a part of our family's story, and soon, it will be a part of yours. When you receive Eden, we encourage you to name your starter something that holds special meaning for you.

A Slice of Tradition

With us, you're not just baking bread; you're crafting memories, nourishing your family, and becoming part of a community that values the simple, yet profound, joy of creating something beautiful

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Vizcaino
I never leave reviews but…

So I’m an avid review reader but not someone who leaves many. Being someone who is just dipping my toes into sourdough bread I just want to tell you to buy the starter. I tried to start my own and didn’t have enough patience and so many questions. When I got my starter I did something on my own that made me think that I possibly messed up my starter. I reached out to customer service and they responded in a timely matter and helped me troubleshoot even being super gracious and sending me out another one while trying to figure out what was going on with mine in the meantime. So 5 starts just on customer service alone. So obviously the internet has so many videos on the does and don’ts when making bread it’s so much info to take in but I have realized that the one thing I’m not questioning is my starter. Seriously if it wasn’t for the starter which I feel super confident about I feel like it would feel so much more overwhelming. Knowing that my starter is strong and established lets me worry about all the other things there is in the process of making sourdough. I’ve been baking weekly with it and even on loafs I know I have messed up on they have all turned out decent and I know it’s because of the starter. If your hesitant about getting it I would say don’t be because you definitely won’t regret having it!

Marcie Long
The boost I needed

I used EDEN to give my DIY starter a boost. My starter was rising but is was sluggish. Adding EDEN throughout two feedings brought insane progress. My starter nearly broke out of the jar the second day. A week later, my starter is consistently tripling with each feeding and finally producing good bread!


Love Love my sourdough starter! It’s been 3 months of a lot of sourdough baking!! I have even sold some loaf at a farmers market. Was never the plan it just happened! Love sharing Eden with others!!🥰

Rosa Ayala
Eden is wonderful!

I doubled the recipe and loaves came out so yummy! I used a roasting pot with lid and was amazed that it worked! Thank you for your resilience in this great work and for inspiring me to do the same for my family!


Very vigorous and tasty sourdough starter.

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